We are looking forward to your participation in the NEO TANGO RAGE 22/23/24th May 2020.

Please note

There will be a photographer and videographer at this event. Your registration provides your consent to the possibility of being photographed or videoed during the event. Photographs or videos in which you may appear may be used to promote this or future events on printed material, social media or the web.

To register

  1. Fill in ONE REGISTRATION FORM PER PERSON and send it off, see below.
    Please, provide your respective registration partner’s name on both of your forms. Registrations are processed in date order.
  2. You will either receive our bank account details for payment OR A NOTICE THAT YOU ARE PLACED ON A WAITING LIST. We are aiming to maintain a leader/follower balance.
  3. Once payment is received, you will get the final confirmation of your registration for Neo Tango Rage Australia 2020.

Registration booking form